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Knitting Diva’s wRAPsody

I am the Knitting Diva

And I’m here to say,

I don’t bother usin’ Oil of Olay.

Knitting keeps me young,

Don’t diss my routine,

Happy as a Scot with a bowl of Poitin!

Drivin’ to my favorite LYS,

I get inspired by the wool, alpaca,


The sheen of a silky skein

Catches my eye.

“Put me down for 100,

Okay, that’s a bit high.”

Skippin’ to my door

With a jig in my step, I think,

“Hey, I haven’t tried that brioche stitch yet!”

Short rows,

Long rows,

The day slips by.

I’m so freakin’ happy,

It makes me cry.

I look at the clock…

“Just one more row,

I’m just about done

And then it’s time to go.”

Late to bed,

Early to rise,

“I gotta get this done

If it kills me,” I cry.

Finally snip the yarn

And jump for joy,

“It’s a shawl that’s worthy

of  Helen of Troy!”



©2012 Rhonda L. Black, Elegant Knit Designs


Mermaids’ Memory

I’ve recently posted a design in my Ravelry.com store!
Check it out at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mermaids-memory

This women’s garment was inspired by an old story of a mermaid that was captured by, and fell in love with, an Irish fisherman. Upon their marriage, she tells him that if anyone finds her hidden crown, the spell would be broken and she would have to return to the sea. Years later, as her children are playing, they stumble upon the beautiful crown. The mother mournfully takes the children aside and explains how much she loves them, but that she must return to the sea from which she came. In this design, the colorway and gentle draping of the back is reminiscent of the oceanic waters, while the frill borders represent the graceful mermaids’ tail; the lace body mimics the fisherman’s net.

The Mermaids’ Memory Wrap-Cardi is loose-fitting, sports a comfortable amount of ease, and is easily constructed; making it a perfect first garment for the adventurous knitter wishing to advance his/her skills in knitting a lace garment. Pattern offers various options of finishing and wearing the wrap-cardi. Works well with most worsted yarns, but ones that include silk, soy, cashmere, mohair, and angora are especially beautiful!

A portion of all sales we go to various charities, including: American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Wounded Warriors, and Heifer International.

Ode to Yarn by Rhonda L Black

Soft as a whisper,

You beckon me hither,

To imagine what you could be.

Gentle of hand,

I see writ on your band,

Lest you might falter in caring for me.

Though my needles be fast,

Your hunger amassed,

I quicken the pace of creation.

And I dream of a time,

When your heart and mine,

Will be showcased forever

In others’ infatuation.

Happy ‘I Love Yarn’ Day, everyone!