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I LOVE BOOKS! I’m the quintessential bookworm, reading glasses and all. (LOL) I’ve always dreamed of owning my own bookstore, providing dainty snacks and cups of fresh exotic teas and coffees. Patrons perusing through the quaint aisles of old bookshelves full of the latest releases, the aromas of coffee, old wood, and leather bound pages wafting in the air as I sit on an antique couch knitting away (sigh). I may not be able to make this dream come to life, but with this electronic age, I can fulfill it on a smaller scale. You’ll have to provide your own snacks and beverages (go ahead..I’ll wait)…and then take a look at my favorite book and magazine sites listed below.

Does anyone smell ink??

 From the Creative Minds of:

Vogue Knitting….

A Passion for Knitting: Step-by-Step Illustrated Techniques, Easy Contemporary Patterns, and Essential Resources for Becoming Part of the World of Knitting

The World of Knitting Right at Your Fingertips

More than a how-to book, A Passion for Knitting goes beyond teaching the craft and introduces readers to the culture of knitting. In Part I, you’ll find fully illustrated instructions for learning stitches and mastering technique, presented with unprecedented clarity. They’re so simple that you really can learn without a teacher. With this book in hand — and no prior experience — you will be able to knit a gorgeous sweater, scarf, or throw.

Next, Part II welcomes new knitters to the worldwide knitting community, exploring the myriad benefits this popular craft has to offer. This section, unique among all other guides, invites readers to

Tap into the power of knitting as a means of reducing stress and expressing creativity

Meet the design “gurus” and other stars of the knitting world

Discover opportunities for fellowship and networking with other knitters in clubs, conventions, and unique cultural fiber tours to countries ranging from England to Peru

Use their knitting skills to meaningfully support charities

Learn about the fashion trends in knitting from Trisha Malcolm, editor in chief of Vogue Knitting

Vogue Knitting on the Go! Beginner Basics 

by Trisha Malcolm

By mastering one skill at a time, you will build your repertoire and confidence and work your way up to more challenging projects. Practice the various techniques on easy-to-make scarves, hats, sweaters, baby booties, blankets and other accessories. Full-color photographs illustrate every project, and detailed information about tools, supplies, and stitches start you on your way. Ideal for the complete novice, and for classes.

Vogue Knitting: Classic Patterns from the World’s Most Celebrated Knitting Magazine  by Art Joinnides, Trisha Malcom (Introduction), Anna Sui (Foreword)

This “best of” volume celebrates Vogue Knitting’s thirtieth anniversary and is a must-have for knitters at all levels. Whether you are a young or an old knitter, a novice or an expert, one thing remains true: Vogue Knitting magazine is the bible for innovative and inspiring knitted garments. In the past decades, the handcrafted revolution has converted lovers of fashion and young people alike into obsessive knitters. Vogue Knitting, the most respected knitting magazine in the world, has served as an indispensable how-to guide for knitters with its beautiful and intricate patterns. This must-have volume features the most sought-after patterns of Vogue Knitting from its launch in 1982 to the present. Reproducing more than eighty full-color patterns by renowned designers such as Marc Jacobs, Twinkle, Oscar de la Renta, and Cynthia Rowley, as well as various legends within the knitting community, this volume combines classic and cutting-edge styles and will remain a timeless and essential book for knitters of all levels and styles. From sweaters to suits, from elegant to edgy, Vogue Knitting features a range of patterns for beginners and experts alike. In essence, this volume embodies what Vogue Knitting has stood for over the past thirty years: inspiration, luxury, creativity, and fashion.

Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book 

by Vogue Knitting Magazine

The first and last word on knitting. Includes the history of knitting, knitting supplies, basic techniques, a stitch dictionary, correction of errors and much, much more.

“Knitters Must-Have

I first saw this book at an inn in Vermont. As a new knitter, I had many questions. After I bought this book it answered all my questions and many more. Now I don’t have to pester my friends and neighbors who knit, or, wait until I can get the answers. It’s all in here.”


Other Books from Vogue Knitting

Nicky Epstein…

Nicky Epstein’s Knitting on Top of the World: The Global Guide to Traditions, Techniques and Design by Nicky Epstein

Nicky Epstein’s blockbuster Edge titles have sold more than 125,000 copies; she’s a needlework star whose every book is eagerly anticipated and snatched up. Now Nicky’s giving devoted readers her most important and wide-ranging collection of patterns yet: a worldwide tour of knitting traditions and techniques, including colorwork, cables, lace, intarsia, and more. She explains the origins and traditional uses of each one, and then goes on to reinvigorate and recombine all these beloved styles in her inimitable way. The result: more than 40 all-new, innovative designs collected in an attractively designed book with a handy ribbon marker. There’s a Celtic Pullover with braided twisted rib strips; a Snowflake Tunic from the Far North; a Felted Tyrolean Capelet with appliqué, cord, and balls; a Spanish Rose Pullover with lace accents; a colorful Peruvian skirt; and an oversized, zipped Navajo Blanket Jacket. Colorful maps and historical photos make this collection a visual treat, as well as an invaluable tool for knitters seeking new inspiration.

Other Books from Nicky Epstein

Debbie Bliss…

Debbie Bliss Baby & Toddler Knits   

The famous knit designer loves to knit for family, friends, and especially babies! She’s created 20 of the cutest jackets, hats, booties and other projects for all those wiggly little critters.

Other Books by Debbie Bliss

Debbie Macomber….

Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: Debbie’s Favorites        

by Debbie Macomber, Inc., Leisure Arts Staff

Eleven classic clothing and home accessory designs. Ladybug Dishcloth, Beaded Snowflake Scarf, Holiday Sweater, and more.

Knit Along with Debbie Macomber: Summer on Blossom Street: 10 Irresistable Designs! 7 Knit & 3 Crochet

In her newest edition in the popular Blossom Street series, Debbie Macomber shares the stories of Lydia Goetz, owner of A Good Yarn shop and customers who have become friends through her knitting classes. The latest class is Knit to Quit, where knitting is used as therapy to help avoid bad habits of various kinds. The main characters included are Alix Turner, a bakery chef who wants to stop smoking; Anne Marie, a book store owner with a complex family situation; Phoebe Tylander, a physical therapist who wants to get over a lost love; and Bryan Hutchinson, a candy company CEO who is at high risk for heart disease. Knit and crochet projects in this companion book are inspired by the lives and projects of the characters; there are scarves, a baby blanket, sweaters, socks and other items. Great for the new knitter!

Other Books by Debbie Macomber


Deborah Newton…

Deborah Newton’s Cable Collection        

Knitters will rediscover their passion for knitting with these 19 refreshingly original sweaters, coats, and accessories by renowned designer Deborah Newton. The designs offer something for every creative mood and fashion need, whether casual, dressy, elegant, or fun. Stylish, curvy cables characterize a classic cardigan, a cropped sweater, a lush mohair hoodie, a hobo-style shoulder bag, a beret with matching fingerless gloves, and other exciting designs. Deborah offers knitters such professional details as toggle closures, raglan sleeves, cap sleeves, zippers, slit pockets, and more. The 19 projects are a cabled toggle coat; cable textured cardigan; simple oversized raglan; easy beret and fingerless gloves set; textured pullover with center cables; lush mohair hoodie; boxy jacket; zipped cabled vest; classic dressy raglan; short cabled cardigan; hobo-style shoulder bag; simple garter pullover with bell sleeves; summer boatneck; cabled lace panel pullover; easy family sweaters (three styles for men, women, and children, with texture and stripes); and shawl-collared jacket for winter.

Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters        

by Deborah Newton

The word “finishing” fills many knitters with dread. Some even abandon projects rather than complete the necessary steps to achieve beautiful, wearable garments. Now, notable knitter and designer Deborah Newton shares her expertise and love of finishing techniques in an on-the-page master class. Deborah patiently takes her student-readers step by step through the ins and outs of blocking, seaming, edging, and embellishments, giving them the confidence and skills to create professional-looking knitwear. In addition to Deborah’s expert instructions, the book includes patterns for 12 sweaters, jackets, and scarves, many with variations.

Heirloom Baby Knits        

by Deborah Newton

Known for her stunning creations as a designer of women’s knitwear, Deborah Newton is fully prepared to delight knitters with this collection of 20 breathtaking baby garments and blankets. Each adorable design shows the exquisite details that Deborah’s fans expect. There are sweaters, vests, pants, hats, a dress, and a hooded poncho. Several garments have matching socks or blankets. The original textures and color patterns are strongly reminiscent of the kind of quality garments seldom seen in recent decades. Readers will not be disappointed in the value of this book or the results they will achieve by following the thorough instructions. Heirloom Baby Knits will be a solid reference in their home libraries for many years to come, while the garments they create will no doubt be passed down through generations-becoming heirlooms, indeed!

Kristin Nicholas…

by Kristin Nicholas

Don’t fear color—embrace it! That’s the message woven all through this illustrated guide to knitting with multiple colors. Aimed at advanced beginners through intermediate knitters, the 20+ projects provided here include clothing, blankets, bags, and lots of home décor items, each bursting with rich hues and textures. Lavish photographs showcase each of the required techniques, while designer Kristin Nicholas’s text explains the theory behind using colors to maximum effect. From the magnificent Fair Isle Pullover to the coordinated Mother-Daughter Mittens to the fun and fabulous Snowflake Pillow, these projects will bring color to every aspect of a knitter’s life.

Kristin Knits: 25 Inspired Designs for Playing with Color        

by Kristin Nicholas

If you’re confident with the needles, but still feel a little unsure about improvising with color, now you can learn to develop your personal fiber palette with Kristin Nicholas. She enthusiastically guides you through the process of harmonizing colors and textures to create knitted garments that are personal, contemporary, and stunningly beautiful.

Nicholas encourages every knitter to look all around—in a flower-filled park, at an art museum, in a child’s picture book—for colors that please and inspire. Work those colors into your knitting with wide or narrow stripes, surprising bobbles and fingers, or basic embroidery stitches that lend playfulness to even the simplest patterns. Experiment with your wildest ideas. You can always unravel what doesn’t work!

Play with your new color freedom with 27 Kristin Nicholas patterns. Make your knitting sing with the warm, vibrant colors for which Nicholas is famous, or take inspiration from her to find your own color language. Either way, the results will shine!

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