These are some of my favorite must-have magazines. If you don’t have them yet, click through to get ’em. They’re full of great information and inspiration! Even if you don’t put their patterns on your project list, you can see how the yarns work, new yarns, colors, or techniques available, etc.


Use magazines as you would books and keep them well maintained. I guarantee you’ll be using them for reference years down the road.


From Interweave


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Founded in 1975 by Linda Ligon, INTERWEAVE, a unit of Aspire Media, is one of the nation’s largest craft media companies with businesses in magazine and book publishing, interactive media, broadcast programming, and events for art and craft enthusiasts. Interweave’s mission is to inspire, encourage and support creative self-expression.


Interweave features:


  • 18 craft-enthusiast subscription magazines and many more special interest publications.
  • More than 250 books in print and annually publishes about 40 best-selling, how-to craft books on the same subjects as the company magazines.
  • Several major events for fiber and bead, gem, and jewelry making enthusiasts, including the Spin-Off Annual Retreat and Bead Fests in locations across the country, attracting thousands of consumers and industry manufacturers and advertisers.


The company is headquartered in Loveland, Colorado and has other offices in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Stow, Massachusetts and New York, NY.


Click the box to enter the Interweave Store and see their special offers!


Great deals on print, downloadable, and digital formats. They also have past issues available!


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Creative Knitting – One Year Subscription
Subscription: 6 Issues / Bi-Monthly


Creative Knitting is devoted to making you the very best knitter you can be! Learn which patterns, yarns, and designs are most popular for your cardigans, sweaters, Afghans and pullovers. Each issue of Creative Knitting features simple, comprehensive instructions for specific pieces, so you can create clothes your whole family will love!





For over 30 years, Vogue Knitting has delivered topnotch needlework technique and high-end fashion to hand knitters around the globe. Each issue offers up designer exclusives, the best knitwear from the industry’s top talents and expert advice. You can’t afford to miss an issue!




Knit ‘N Style – One Year Subscription
Subscription: 6 Issues / Bi-Monthly


Knit ‘N Style is a fashion-filled magazine for the hand knitter. Every issue of Knit ‘N Style is packed with about 30 exciting and original
designs, including complete instructions from various yarn companies and



well-known, hand-knit designers. Plus, Knit ‘N Style brings you updates
about the latest fashions and fiber trends, book and product reviews, exclusive
articles, how-to features and machine-knit instructions for selected projects.
Create stylish sweaters, vests, jackets, pullovers, kids gear, women’s fashions,
unisex clothing and much more. Discover the best patterns, techniques and ideas.



Never wear a dress, scarf or anything else that the woman next door has in her
closet. Only Knit ‘N Style shows you how to stand out from the crowd with
your unique and beautiful clothes.



Crochet! – One Year Subscription
Subscription: 4 Issues / Bi-Monthly


Crochet! specializes in bringing you comprehensive crochet instruction about a variety of projects, ranging from moderately simple to extremely challenging. You’ll learn how to make decorative ornaments, comforting scarves and hats, pillow sets, Afghans, warm blankets and more! Plus, Crochet! includes a special stitch guide and photo index to ensure that you move every thread perfectly.





Crochet World – One Year Subscription


Subscription: 6 Issues / Bi-Monthly


Crochet World is your passport into the wonderful land for crochet lovers! Update your patterns and stitch techniques with help from serious crochet experts from across the country. You’ll be able to create sweaters, blankets and tablecloths that will blow the stockings off your friends and family. Hone your passion for crochet with Crochet World!


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