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The World Inside of Me

I dreamt of a world with no hate,

A shield of love expanding round the earth,

Each person’s soul indwelling,

Disease and want eradicated at birth.


I dreamt of help and hope everlasting,

No being shall ever want,

Kind words are always spoken,

Disdaining actions shall never haunt.


For me, the solutions are simple,

Though for many, not so few,

It all begins with the love,

That is within me, and you.


Let us each strive to help the broken,

To listen to whom we disagree,

To work towards resolution,

Without thought of a fee.


As I sit in the sweet silence,

My eternal hope to find,

The catalyst which evades us,

The blossoming of the mind.


I’m forever grateful,

For the flashes of grace I see,

And pray that we can realize,

This world inside of me.

– Rhonda Black

2015 All rights reserved

World Inside Me