Knitting Diva’s wRAPsody

I am the Knitting Diva

And I’m here to say,

I don’t bother usin’ Oil of Olay.

Knitting keeps me young,

Don’t diss my routine,

Happy as a Scot with a bowl of Poitin!

Drivin’ to my favorite LYS,

I get inspired by the wool, alpaca,


The sheen of a silky skein

Catches my eye.

“Put me down for 100,

Okay, that’s a bit high.”

Skippin’ to my door

With a jig in my step, I think,

“Hey, I haven’t tried that brioche stitch yet!”

Short rows,

Long rows,

The day slips by.

I’m so freakin’ happy,

It makes me cry.

I look at the clock…

“Just one more row,

I’m just about done

And then it’s time to go.”

Late to bed,

Early to rise,

“I gotta get this done

If it kills me,” I cry.

Finally snip the yarn

And jump for joy,

“It’s a shawl that’s worthy

of  Helen of Troy!”



©2012 Rhonda L. Black, Elegant Knit Designs


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