My Kitty is Obsessed with Yarn

My son and I went on a buying trip yesterday and we got home rather late. I walked in the door, set my bags down on the table and tied the handles to “Holly-proof” them overnight and proceeded to get ready for bed. You see Holly, being the kitty she is, LOVES yarn. Maybe as much as I do. She rubs and rolls in it, licks it and pounces on it. I’ve made several kitty toys and she loves them. I have to use project bags that zip or tie closed or Holly will rambunctiously ravage around IN the bag. She still knows where the opening is but (moah-ha-ha) doesn’t have the fingers to untie the knots. It’s not uncommon for her to jump into the project bag I’m working with and roll around for awhile, knead it for bit, and fall asleep. Anyway…I’m drowsily making the morning coffee and I hear some bags rustling. Looking towards the table, I find Holly rolling and pawing on the bags of new yarn with the same look as when she has catnip! It was so cute. I turn around to continue making the coffee and suddenly hear more comotion. I observe Holly, with a determined and flustered expression, biting and RIPPING the bags, attempting to squeeze her head in and grab some yarn in her mouth. This is nothing new. She has grabbed my project bag and dragged it off, as if a lioness with her kill. I know that felines typically love this twisted fiber, but I think my Holly is as obsessed with yarn as I am! What do you think?


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