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Help is Needed…Make a Difference

By now, everyone knows that Sandy has landed and the devastation it has wrought. Many of us that safely escaped its wrath are still worried about friends and family that were not so lucky. We are worried about their safety and well-being and frustrated by the broken lines of communication. When we are feeling helpless and don’t know what to do, the Red Cross is right there in the middle of the fray, doing what they do best…seeing that loved ones are fed, warm, and sheltered from the effects of the storm and aftermath. I know, first-hand, that this wonderful organization provides hope and comfort during dark, bleak times. And donating to this INTERNATIONAL group of heroes helps one make a difference, even if we can’t personally be there. Please join me in donating to the Red Cross and make a difference in this international effort. Don’t feel helpless..make an impact!! Donate today!

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From One Who Cares

Baby Polar Bear

Who wouldn’t want to protect this little guy? I’m usually a happy go-lucky person and love to laugh, but my nephew sent this to me last night and it touched my heart so much that I had to reiterate my desperate call to humanity. I’m not an official “tree-hugger” but I definitely feel that our pop culture, media-driven lifestyle has caused us to lose sight of the truly important things in life. It worries me. What kind of lessons are we teaching the next generation? These are some of the fundamentals I believe we should pass on:

LOVE those around you, be they large or small, black or white, known or unknown. Respect breeds tolerance. Spread love and understanding and it will come back to you.

EDUCATE. No matter what the subject, education leads us all to a better understanding of the world around us. It provides the basic structure with which one lives up to one’s full potential and inspires to create a better existence for all. Share what you know with everyone you meet. It doesn’t have to be scientific in nature. You can share your love of cooking and still make an impact. It’s the human contact and reaching out to one another, the basic elements of our humanity.

INSPIRE others to reach for the stars and make their dreams a reality. Tempered with love, guidance toward helping others reach their goals will benefit not only that person, but has the potential to reach around the globe. I can’t stress enough how each person effects the next, even if we don’t know it, and has the ability to change the course of history (whether it be small- or large-scale). What kind of personal influences did a person on death row experience compared to Stephen Hawking? Positive or negative, you have the choice. Choose positive and inspire those around you.

I know that we cannot be perfect. Human nature does not permit. But if we all make a positive effort every day to uphold these principles, the rewards will be far-reaching and phenomenal. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

My Kitty is Obsessed with Yarn

My son and I went on a buying trip yesterday and we got home rather late. I walked in the door, set my bags down on the table and tied the handles to “Holly-proof” them overnight and proceeded to get ready for bed. You see Holly, being the kitty she is, LOVES yarn. Maybe as much as I do. She rubs and rolls in it, licks it and pounces on it. I’ve made several kitty toys and she loves them. I have to use project bags that zip or tie closed or Holly will rambunctiously ravage around IN the bag. She still knows where the opening is but (moah-ha-ha) doesn’t have the fingers to untie the knots. It’s not uncommon for her to jump into the project bag I’m working with and roll around for awhile, knead it for bit, and fall asleep. Anyway…I’m drowsily making the morning coffee and I hear some bags rustling. Looking towards the table, I find Holly rolling and pawing on the bags of new yarn with the same look as when she has catnip! It was so cute. I turn around to continue making the coffee and suddenly hear more comotion. I observe Holly, with a determined and flustered expression, biting and RIPPING the bags, attempting to squeeze her head in and grab some yarn in her mouth. This is nothing new. She has grabbed my project bag and dragged it off, as if a lioness with her kill. I know that felines typically love this twisted fiber, but I think my Holly is as obsessed with yarn as I am! What do you think?

Ode to Yarn by Rhonda L Black

Soft as a whisper,

You beckon me hither,

To imagine what you could be.

Gentle of hand,

I see writ on your band,

Lest you might falter in caring for me.

Though my needles be fast,

Your hunger amassed,

I quicken the pace of creation.

And I dream of a time,

When your heart and mine,

Will be showcased forever

In others’ infatuation.

Happy ‘I Love Yarn’ Day, everyone!

A Cause Worthy Knitting Bag

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
and I can’t help but share this item with all my knitting friends. This is the perfect size for a project bag..I luv it! And what can be better than meeting my knitting accessory needs while making a difference!! Consider adding this bag to your arsenal.

Only $8.00

Polyester with drawstring shoulder straps. 15 1/4″ H x 17 1/2″ W. Imported.
Together, we can celebrate life.

In 1992, Avon began mobilizing the unique power of our global network of sales Representatives to sell Breast Cancer Crusade products that raise funds and awareness for the cause. Today, Avon is the leading corporate supporter of the breast cancer cause, having donated more than $740 million to breast cancer programs around the world over the last 20 years. Help raise funds and awareness for education, screening and diagnosis, access to treatment, support services, and scientific research by purchasing a Breast Cancer Crusade product.
100% of net profit goes to breast cancer research.

To get the bag, go to:, register or login to account, and shop for item 018090.